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Layer: Map 8: Structure Contours of the Top of the Precambrian (ID: 32)

Sub Layers: Name: Map 8: Structure Contours of the Top of the Precambrian

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Type: Group Layer

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Description: This map shows the elevation of the top of the basement (i.e., the unconformity at the base of the Cambrian and the top of the Precambrian; Figure 9). It has been shaded and colored to emphasize the shape of regional-scale epeirogenic structures. The most striking feature of the map is the 25,000 ft (7,600 m) of structural relief between the Precambrian outcrops of the Ozark Plateau and the Illinois Basin. East of the Illinois Basin in central Kentucky, a narrow “bridge” of basement upland connects the Rough Creek Graben and the southern end of the Rome Trough.

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