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Geology/OIINK_LandSurfaceTopography (MapServer)

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Service Description: Geological and Geophysical Maps of the Illinois Basin-Ozark Dome Region, Map 1: Land Surface Topography

Map Name: Land Surface Topography


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Layers: Description: This map is a digital elevation model at 3× vertical exagger- ation that displays the present-day ground surface elevation in shaded relief (Figure 1). It shows standard color represen- tations for elevation. Several key features are prominent on the map: • Topographic manifestations of subsurface structure, for example, the contrast between (1) the highland of the Ozark Plateau and (2) the lowland of the Illinois Basin, (3) the highland associated with the “crustal bridge” separating the Reelfoot Rift from (4) the southwestern end of the Rome Trough (see also Map 8), (5) the termination of the Mississippi Embayment (see also Map 4), and the abruptness of the borders of the Ozark Plateau. Compare these topographic expressions with the subsurface structures on Maps 5 through 8. • Pleistocene landscape features, such as (6) the Wis- consinan moraines of Illinois and Indiana. These and other Pleistocene features are shown on Map 4. • The major drainages of the Midcontinent (Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois) and their relation to regional-scale topographic features.

Copyright Text: Illinois State Geological Survey, Prairie Research Institute, Univeristy of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Spatial Reference: PROJCS["Earthscope",GEOGCS["GCS_WGS_1984",DATUM["D_WGS_1984",SPHEROID["WGS_1984",6378137.0,298.257223563]],PRIMEM["Greenwich",0.0],UNIT["Degree",0.0174532925199433]],PROJECTION["Lambert_Conformal_Conic"],PARAMETER["false_easting",0.0],PARAMETER["false_northing",0.0],PARAMETER["central_meridian",-88.8205],PARAMETER["standard_parallel_1",37.61985],PARAMETER["standard_parallel_2",40.8796],PARAMETER["latitude_of_origin",39.2497],UNIT["Meter",1.0]]

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